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About Me

Linus Lee

I'm Linus, I make stuff to change how the world thinks about education, and The Lifelong Traveler is where I share my thoughts, feelings, and the occasional updates on my day-to-day happenings.

TLT started in summer 2013 because I wanted a place to voice my thoughts outside the crowded space of social media. Today, it's less a thought-dump and more a place where I share a lot of what gets me out of the bed every morning, from stories I find in my work to random, unqualified, thoroughly half-researched commentary on current events.

I like making an impact by creating cool stuff and helping everyone else make more cool stuff.

While most of my life has moved on since the first post, I keep the blog around, partly as a reminder not to stop thinking, and partly because writing has become something that keeps me glued to reality when so much of what I do pushes me to face the future with a filter of unconditional optimism. I used to post twice a week, but today, I put pen on paper (or fingers on keyboard) and hit publish a few times a month.

I'm a passionate, unrelenting chaser of the tomorrow. I'm a technologist, a futurist, and an eager participant in the race of innovation that's turning the world upside down and putting it on Mars. I'm a utilitarian hedonist in mind and a romantic surrealist at heart, and in the messy variety of interests I've managed to find, I've dug up from the dust and the dirt a life I want to live doing work that doesn't feel like work in a world where people and stories seem to fill me with questions whose answers are all but mundane and boring.

My mission is to change how we learn, where we learn, and why we learn. I believe the future defies prediction, and the best way to know what to expect is to educate the people who will build tomorrow. While we're doing okay with that right now, I think our culture of education today deserves a solid "needs improvement." I live to change that, and every day, every item down my calendar helps me do that in some way, today or in the future.

I'm a designer, developer, entrepreneur, and marketer. I like to do things myself, and learn from precedents rather than providence.

Design, Code, Build, Share. And then Repeat. That's my life, and you'd never guess, if I don't forget to keep it moving, those four steps never get old.


So what's up with the website's name?

Life is a journey, and I'm the traveler.

You know the feeling when you're dropped in the middle of a city you've never been to? You're lost, but as you pass the unfamiliar signs and cross the strange new streets, you come across interesting people, find fascinating stories, and discover why you came.

I think life is like that. I reject the belief that the universe is boring. While there may be only a finite combination of particles in the world, we've only been thr/ough so little of it that the possibilities of the future are infinitely more exciting than the memories of the jaded past. So I choose to explore as a traveler rather than reflect as a resident. I am the lifelong traveler.

Oh, there's a second reason, of course. Linus dot com was taken, and I needed a better domain name.

Some Starting Places

Over the last couple of years, I've written almost two hundred posts, videos, photo albums, and podcasts about my thoughts and experiences. If you're new, here's some starting places.

"Timeless", an original song

Lin'tlik, a writing system I created

Broadcast Yourself, my call-to-arms for self-publishing

The Artist's Motivation, on what inspires me to create

Stay Hungry, my take on drive, motivation, and personal success

Different Stories and Without Reason, twin posts from the national parks of the western US

The Achievement Factory and Why I Don't Like School, my big posts on education and learning

Taste Fights Excellence, The Maker's High, and Intoxication by Ideation, my views on ideation and creativity

The Value of the Gap, on my choice to take a gap year

Because You Care, on pursuing your values relentlessly

Terminal Impact, or why I do what I do

Other stuff I do

My full portfolio is available at my website, but here's the abbreviated version.

I've built websites like Cafe Avant-Garde and TEDxPurdueU that reach over two thousand people around the world. I've helped over ten thousand people become more productive with Chrome extensions like Apogee and Magic Search. I research relevant, interesting topics that ask deep questions, like social network evolutions, personal happiness indexes, and encryption technologies. I design for everyone from jazz bands to startups, make the occasional video games, put your life into perspective, and so much more, as a maker, as a community member, and as a learner.

But the most exciting things I want to do, I haven't even shared yet. I'm just getting started, and you can follow the rest of my journey right here, on TLT.

Book Recommendations

Without Their Permission by Alexis Ohanian

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Sprint by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell