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Logo Designs

Visual Branding by Linus

As a designer, visual branding and logo designs are some of the most interesting projects to work on, because a visual brand captures several different and often abstract ideas into a single graphical identity. In that way, visual branding is like visual poetry -- packing in as much meaning in as little complexity as possible. These are some of my more recent work, and if you'd like to talk to me about branding or graphic design work in genreal, you can contact me!

Let's start out with this one, which is my personal branding across social media. Against a moody background shot (I'm a biker), the symbols represent my ideas, my love of technology, my voice, and my love of partying (and the lack thereof), neatly wrapped inside a block of code.

Studio X is one of my future upcoming projects focusing on creating an environment for project-based learning and education. The visual style lends itself to a calm and reserved, but bold and energetic, identity.

Red Note is a high school jazz combo performing in and around West Lafayette, IN, and their liveliness and musical talent was captured by the red-and-black themed logo and brand.

Dear Tech is a small project I created a while back, and quickly deprecated for ROI reasons. DT featured a series of online posts revolving around commentary on the consumer technology industry.

Tesseract was a small programming project I created. It's a library of CSS and JavaScript code to allow lightweight presentations to be produced from conceptual outlines simply with the HTML markup language.

Sonova is another upcoming project, a music group.

Voyage is a suite of proof-of-concept encryption algorithms I created and implemented in 2015.

Branding (logo) for Twoline Works, a personal brand for my more professional productions in web design, graphic design, video production, and programming.