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MIT Campus

January 16, 2015

I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Boston campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology this January as a part of the Zero Robotics competition. These are some of the noteworthy pictures from the trip.

The hotel, though admittedly not Burj Khalifa, was pretty fancy.

I try my hand at a dramatic shot through the skyward window of the competition building.

MIT has a unique hacking culture, apparently.

I'm a fan of Android, so had to check this guy out. Found near Boston's Google office.

Above and below are some mechanical sculptures I found interesting. They cast colored shadows on the exhibition walls.

Another dramatic shot against a dramatic quote. Unfortunately don't recall what the quote inscribed said, or who said it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is an actual "LISP machine", from the olden days of MIT's AI lab.

The famous expression-capable robot face.

A sculpture worthy of an inspiring quote. Found in the MIT Museum.

This is a self-lubricating machine. Symbolic in a lot of ways.

Though not very practical, if you hired a hacker as a babysitter, this would be the perfect choice.

Above and below, the main building of the MIT Campus, also happens to look awesome.

Competition ensues among a finnicky video call to the ISS.