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Orlando + Disney World 2016

March 13-19, 2015

During 2016's Spring Break, I followed my band and orchestra to a trip to Orlando's Disney World and Universal Studios for a week with my friends, and although I was completely unprepared to take on the last term by the end, it was probably one of the best ways to spend those previous seven days of summer in the tail end of this winter.

The tree welcoming us into the Animal Kingdom...

A Walt Disney quote. But did you really need to remind us?

This anthill was just very impressive.

Baobab trees are the epitome of cool.

Day 2 begin with Epcot...

... short for Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow.

The famous Epcot dome! And it's geodesic, too...

This was a fun ride. "Mission: Space" - 10/10 would recommend.

Welcome to London?

Walking around the "city" is a little inconvenient, because there's a giant lake in the middle of it. But it's cool.

Sunset in Florida.

Some cool silhouettes, and some romantic sunsets.

The best food we had all week, no competition, were these desserts at Boulangerie in France, Epcot.

Day 3: Welcome to Hollywood!

They have an entire section dedicated to Dr. Seuss, because why not?

HOGSMEADE. Need I say more?

Oh, and there's Hogwarts too. No big deal. Just a die-hard Harry Potter fan freaking out the whole time.

Honeydukes, where I got some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Taking a brief detour through Jurassic Park before some more Harry Potter.

Welcome to King's Cross! This is Hogwarts Express.


Gringotts, wherein goblins were seriously confused why there were so many muggles lining up for the trolley rides.

I bought a wand. It was overpriced, and it was awesome.

Minion Crossing.

In front of Universal Studio's Hard Rock Cafe, where we spent the last night. It was fabulous.

Goodbye, Disney World. It was an experience.