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Silicon Valley & NorCal

May 26 - June 2, 2016

The start of something pretty exciting...

The Bay Bridge. on the way to Berkeley

One of the best views we had of the city and the Bay from the east side

Livin' the history

I was pleased to find some really aesthetic houses

Yachts are nice too

Over see it? On the hills?

I biked to the Gold Gate Bridge and back, from Sausalito, and it was pretty cool. 10/10 would recommend if you're a biker.

and there it is!

This region is pretty hilly, and that makes for some pretty cool photos.

Even here, there are boundaries.

What's happening?

Know Skateboards?

More hills, because San Fran

Yes, I played on it forever. Yes, I want it.

The Macintosh

One of the cooler, more educational part of the trip, in the SFMOMA there was an exhibit on the history of graphic design.

One of my favorite pieces from the museum

Another piece, on which I have a blog post coming soon...

Something about sea foam always gets me. This was my best attempt to capture that mystery and freshness in a photo.

Fog sets in...

The weather cooperated with us for our beach days, which was very nice.

A just-opened Apple store, with glass staircases costing a million dollars. This store is not a joke.

Mandatory Apple products' glamour shot

Steve Jobs's original garage. This holds some history.

165 University Ave. is sometimes called the "Lucky Office" of the Valley, because a number of highly successful companies like PayPal and Google occupied it in the past.

The Apple Campus, 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA

1 Hacker Way


Apparently these G-bikes are only for employees... I found that out a bit too late.

Youtube HQ... can you tell?

This captures the city so well... a place somewhere in between the bustling metropolis, the creative hub, and the beautiful people it holds.