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March 2015 | updated weekly

Typography is one of my most loved areas of design, because it makes me focus not only on the meaning of the words themselves but also in all of the subtle and beautiful ways in which the details of everything we see influence how we see it. Every Thursday, I make a new doodle with a phrase or a word I like or find impactful, and I share them here.

"Present flies by, Future hardening Past."

"Industrialism undermines the fundamental doctrine of humanity."

"I stopped chasing Time, and it stopped running away."

"I would rather be without a state than without a voice." - Edward Snowden

"I'd much rather be happy than be right." - Douglas Adams

"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness." (Aristotle)

"Freedom is not a condition of law, but a way of life."

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - L. da Vinci

"Creativity is not a skill, but a place."

"We believe in taking risks, because that's how you move things along." - Melinda Gates

"Live fiercely, normalcy fights back."

"I hang by threads of dreams"