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Attribution Guidelines

Sharing and Distribution of TLT Content

Most of the content on The Lifelong Traveler is my original work. However, some of the images that accompany certain posts are not, and are subject to different licenses. This page covers the guidelines on the distribution of the content on the website.

Original graphic assets, video, audio, and other original content

All audio and video content found within the website (including embedded content), all written material, source code found under the domain, including the TLT logo and all assets used in videos and written works provided on this website are my original work, and The Lifelong Traveler holds all copyrights to the content. This includes video footage and photographs used in videos embedded within the website, the written content within the website, all musical works not attributed otherwise, and any original source code from the website not obviously provided by another entity (such as third-party share widgets and the comment management application).

Such orignal content is free to use, modify, and distribute, under the following conditions:

Original and public domain graphics

Images not obviously a part of the design and layout of the website, such as imagery accompanying posts and news stories, are deemed either original or in the public domain. All original images on the website can be assumed to be released to the public domain. Notable exceptions to this are third-party brandings and embedded graphics from third-party services.

Non-original content

All other content not covered by the two above conditions are assumed to be non-original content. Non-original content are sourced, either in the accompanying text, caption, or within the content itself, and copyright licenses and restrictions from the credited sources apply to such materials.

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- Linus, The Lifelong Traveler