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Linus Lee

I'm a designer. I create graphics, user interfaces, and brand identities for companies and my personal work to make a coherent statement about the identity of each subject.

Optimization by design

Design is the way the strokes in these letterforms curve and run across the page (screen) to lead your eyes along. Design is the grandeur of glass doors that crawl apart to greet customers to the flagship Apple Stores. Design is the delight of an animation that lasts a tenth of a second on a screen smaller than your hand, but leaves a lasting impression about a product or a company worth a trillion dollars.

Design is a tool for optimizing our environment for people. In that way, it's a fundamentally human endeavor and a research-backed emporium of creativity. Design research determines what color the stop lights are or how tall the lobby of a hotel should be. Design research determines the precise size of the Facebook Like button or the most readable number of words across a page of a paperback novel. It's a process of problem solving by trial and error, and I use that process to make better products and communicate more effectively.

Design adeptly traverses the gap between high technology and popular culture, and in the process, creates identities that often carry as much weight as our words or actions. In this way, design is a language, as well as a tool.

I strive to create designs that speak with a voice, that stay alive even after you throw away that poster or take off that t-shirt or uninstall that app. Design orients us, humans, against the backdrop of a world in whose chaos we live to find patterns. Design is at the core of my work, and it guides the ways in which my work touches people.

For some of my design work, please refer to my portfolio.