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Linus Lee

Currently, a majority of my paid work is software development, mostly for Spensa Technologies, but also for smaller start-ups or personal projects

As a software engineer, I specialize in programming for the web and programming for performance. I've built Chrome extensions and web apps and blogs and landing pages and a lot in between, and I enjoy the immediacy and potential of an open, accessible platform for creativity that is the web.

My experience is primarily in client-side web development, focusing on performant user interfaces and offline-first architecture. I leverage the full feature set of a given browser to stretch the performance and usability to a maximum. I have substantial experience with Backbone and Underscore alongside the usual suspects of jQuery, Sass, Express, and Node, and I have limited experience building with React, Django, and Polymer. I enjoy taking advantage of the asynchronous, stateless nature of web protocols to design effective applications native to the web, and I frequently look ahead at upstream developments in rendering and JavaScript compiler engines across browser vendors and the FOSS community to orient development against the larger industry.

Although my technical expertise is in the web platform, I've worked on -- and still actively research -- projects with implications in cryptography and artificial intelligence. Currently, I'm working on a new form of symmetric-key cryptography where keys encode operations rather than operation parameters, and a spiking neural network that learns via a simulated internal chemistry.

The web isn't a network of connected files or webpages anymore; it's a network of highly specialized machines that are useful precisely because they're specialized. The web is a collection of websites, yes, but it's also the platform for some of the most advanced machine learning research, the most complex cryptographic infrastructure, and the most dynamic systems design in the history of engineering. I very much enjoy my work in this industry.

For some of my software creations, please refer to my portfolio.