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Web Projects

The Lifelong Traveler is the website onto which your eyeballs are currently staring directly. It's a website for my personal expression, sharing of ideas, and showing of photos and experiences I find along my journey of the everyday life.

20 Hour Da Vinci is a project I founded to help myself share my journey of trying to learn as many new skills and ideas as possible in fresh, new ways. Every few weeks, I try to completely immerse myself in a new idea or skill, and report back on the site with regular updates.


Trubadour is a company trying to change how we do poetry in the modern world, to bring our most powerful words to life through sharing on a platform built for poets and readers.

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TEDxPurdueU is a licensed TEDx event at Purdue University, for which I developed the digital presence, visual branding, and website for the 2016-17 season.

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Synaptic is a proof-of-concept of a new kind of a spiking neural network. A novel learning algorithm based on autonomous supervision enables Synaptic's neural artificlal intelligence to mimic organic intelligence far more accurately than I/O-based supervised learning algorithms.

See code on Github

Voyage is a project investigating the potential of a new structure for encryption algorithms that changes the kinds of operations performed and the order they're performed from the encryption key to deter decryption.

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Webb is an investigation of my own mathematical model for simulating and predicting evolution of complex social networks, based on the simple idea that common friends grow closer together and leading to some really interesting results.

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Tools & Products

Apogee is a simple Chrome extension I created to help streamline the often tedious process of researching and citing sources for research papers. With a single click, Apogee auto-generates smart, accurate citations and estimated reliability for webpages and articles.

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Ligature is a note-taking and organizing application I designed and wrote for myself, because I was never satisfied with any of the free note-taking options on the market. Many were overly bloated and too feature-rich, some were too simplistic, and some were too expensive. So Ligature focuses on simplicity, clean, writing-focused design, and speed.

See code on Github

Here and there, along the side, I also provide some visual design services to some brands and organizations as needed.