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Time - Piano Original

December 26, 2014

This week I finally had the time to go see "The Theory of Everything", a biopic about Dr. Stephen Hawking. It's a touching and inspirational film about an equally miraculous life story, and I was of course inspired to write a song about it, "Time".

Time is the elusive object that we never have enough or have too much of. Nobody, not even Stephen Hawking, can answer the question of what it really is. But regardless of what we believe, time ticks on at its own pace, silently counting out the numbered days that we have on Earth. Its nature might be an infinite mystery, but it continues to be the fundamental enigma of Hawking's life. This song is more a question than an answer, not yearning to find the answer to the mystery of time, but attempting to grab every moment as it is, until there is no more.

As always, thank you so much for listening.

If you loved it as much as I hope you would, and you feel like being awesome, you can download the MP3 file for "Time" to listen on-the-go: (free) here.