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Recent Videos/Music

Under These Stars

July 16

What a thought, that away, you are still under these stars in the same night sky...


May 8

Unsaid is an improvisation entirely motivated by emotion. After a long day and a lot on my mind, I sat down to work and realized I couln't really focus on anything outside of the thoughts that were nagging me in my mind. So rather than struggle to keep them out, I ran to my piano to let them come out. It's a mix of confusion, relief, silence, and nostalgia, and I hope that comes through.

In Another Fantasy

April 24

Sometimes, I plan for a while about writing a song, I brainstorm for bits and pieces of it, and mull things over for days or weeks until I find the melody and the tune that I like. And sometimes, I just sit down and start playing, and I find something I love. Today was one of those days, and this is one of those improvisations...

7 Years (Lukas Graham)

April 17

When I first played this cover in a local talent show, quite a few people came up and asked if there was a recording they could listen to, so I decided to make one. Playing the song on the piano takes out some of the timbre that the artist's voice gives it, but I think it also adds a bit of depth that's not present in the original version.

Missing You

October 18

'Missing You' is an expression of a mixture of resting in nostalgia and starting again. It begins with a simplistic and repetitive melody that evolves through the song until the end, when the variation takes to a slightly happier and more hopeful refrain.

Photograph (Ed Sheeran)

August 23

You can never go wrong with a bit of Ed Sheeran, and this has been one of my favorites from the moment I heard it, so I decided to arrange it into a piano cover with my usual style...

Left Behind

July 27

You could say Left Behind is a sister-piece of some sort to yesterday's "The Looking Glass". They're reflective of the same ideas and feelings, and written together. But while "The Looking Glass" is more ponderous and hopeful, this one is more reflective and reminiscent. What do you think? ...

The Looking Glass

July 26

The main theme for this particular piece is one that I've been playing around with for quite a while, but hadn't found a way to match it to a fitting body. But after a while, I'm satisfied with how it sounds. And as an added bonus, I went a little of the way than usual to create a video that adds some meaning as well...